Mentoring and Consulting Services

This active "transfer of knowledge" allows your staff to enhance and maintain your product throughout its lifetime with minimal involvement of outside services.

With our mentoring and consulting service, experts join your team as active participants. At first, we help jump-start the project by actively managing design details. During the project, the actual work is completed by your staff with less and less involvement by us.

Authentech provides mentoring services in the following areas:

  • Project planning, design, and specifications
  • Skill assessment, project team management
  • Microsoft .NET, MVC, WebAPI, Core, Client/Server, and stand-alone application design
  • N-Tier application design
  • Database design, implementation, and maintenance with Microsoft SQL Server
  • Server components design and programming
  • Web application design, development, and deployment
  • .NET WCF and Web Services
Need advice or active guidance while you develop your software? Our mentoring and consulting service is an easy way to add extra expert skills on a short-term basis. Click here to request our services.
Mentoring and Consulting Services